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    Guess where Noodle is in Europe and be entered to win a great prize pack!

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Guess where Noodle is in Europe and be entered to win a great prize pack!

Joanna is the face of FallCall Solutions. A 98 year-old great-grandmother of 3, "Noodle," as she has been affectionately named, proves the secret to youth is keeping active mentally and physically. When she is not gardening, cooking or walking her dog, she enjoys participating in her book club, going to the symphony and the opera and attending her great grandsons’ sporting events.

The eldest of four children, Noodle is traveling to her native country this summer with her daughters to visit many nieces and nephews. In addition, she will be taking in the sights of many other European cities and checking in with family using the ElderCheck Now app. Follow her journey on Facebook and try to figure out, “ Where’s Noodle?”.

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Throughout the month of August, we will post pictures of Noodle traveling around Europe on our Facebook page. Everyone is encouraged to visit our page and enter their guess in the comments section as to the city and country Noodle is in AND the landmark she is standing next to. Three days later, we will post the ElderCheck Now check-in with Noodle and reveal the correct answer.

For every person that submits a correct answer, their name will earn one entry into a raffle to win a FallCall Solutions Gift Pack!  One winner will be awarded: 1) A FallCall Solutions Polo, 2) $100 Visa Gift Card, 3) An autographed photo of Noodle!  **See attached document for the official entry rules.**

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