More assurances.. more often.. about the ones you love and care for.

Technology advances, but some things never change.  We want to know our loved-ones are ok…anytime, anywhere. When an elder and their caregiver install the ElderCheck Now® app on their mobile devices, they create an innovative electronic relationship that can relay more information than a phone call!  

Minimal buttons. Essential information. Personalized.

A check-in request is initiated by the caregiver and delivered directly onto the elder’s mobile device.  With the press of either a green or red button, the elder responds with their heart rate, * location, and a simple status update - “I’m OK” or “Call me!” Additionally, if setup by the caregiver, the elder will see a picture of their caregiver every time they are sent a check-in.   

On your wrist... or the phone. Seamless integration with Apple HealthKit.

No more missed phone calls, difficult to reach landlines or misplaced cell phones. Communication with your loved-one can be an arms-length away using the ElderCheck Now® app on Apple Watch®. Your loved-one will be gently tapped on the wrist notifying them of your check-in request. The best part: they can respond with their heart rate, location, and status with the simple press of a button on their wrist! **

Scheduled check-ins… Peace of mind

Life gets busy. The ElderCheck Now® app helps you keep track of your loved-ones routine with scheduled check-ins at important times. Whether it’s the morning dog walk, the afternoon trip to the mailbox or climbing the stairs at the end of the day.  Be confident that you can reach your loved one at any point in their day. 

Security: on your device and through the air.

The ElderCheck Now® app was designed with privacy in mind.  De-identification, encryption, password/biometric protection, and assignment of unique identifiers were all used to ensure that only caregivers and their designated elders share information.  It’s important to us because we know how important it is to you.   

Color adjustment. Designed for you.

Some of us see certain colors better than others.  By turning on the color adjustment setting, the red and green colors are replaced by highly contrasting blue and red colors throughout the app.  It's just one more way to maximize the user experience for as many people as possible. 



* ElderCheck Now® requires an Apple Watch in order to relay heart rate information.

** ElderCheck Now® requires an Apple Watch paired with an Apple iPhone device with appropriate internet access in order to send and receive check-ins.